Google Chrome is the most famous web browser in the world, with more than 62% of the market share of web browsers across all operating systems, according to the latest statistics from W3Counter.

Since the majority of people use the Google Chrome browser to browse the Internet, it is essential for web developers to ensure that their applications and websites work well with it. Hence if you are a developer it is imperative that you have the right plugins to increase your productivity.

Here are 5 useful Chrome browser extensions for web developers to increase productivity:

Add Web Developer
The Web Developer add-on adds a toolbar to Google Chrome that includes many useful web development functionality options such as: activating or deactivating scripts, cookie control functions or finding ways to create forms, images, patterns, and more.

WhatFont add
Since the type of font used in the websites you develop can make a big difference, you can use the WhatFont plugin to check the fonts and their features you see on any website, by opening the site you want to know the type of fonts used on it.

ColorZilla add-on
If you use online design tools like Canva to design fast graphics then you sometimes need to have the color code to match the color of a specific part of the design. Instead of opening different software tools and trying to find a matching color, ColorZilla helps you to get it within seconds, just click the extension icon and select the color you are looking for, then copy the color code anywhere you want .

Add a Wappalyzer
A lot of sites depend on some ready-made software, most blogs use a WordPress system to manage content, and e-commerce sites rely on WordPress plugins, such as: WooCommerce, and sites also use some platforms to analyze the performance of the site and its visitors, such as: Google Analytics.

Adding (Wappalyzer) allows you to identify the content management system used by the website, as well as any programming frameworks it relies on, e-commerce platforms and JavaScript libraries, marketing and analysis tools, payment processors, CRM, CDN and more And, as soon as you click on it in the address bar, a small window will appear for you to see all the previously mentioned details.

Add Windows Resizer
The Windows Resizer extension allows you to change the size of your screen, it is simple but very useful if you need to check the compatibility of the site with all kinds of screens, and the extension offers you a predefined set of options but you can modify them to suit your needs.