It’s no coincidence that WordPress has grown to become the web’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) by a long margin. It’s a dependable, scalable platform used by businesses of all shapes and sizes, and agencies have been particularly successful when it comes to winning new business with this CMS.

From its vast ecosystem of plugins to the vibrant community of users and contributors that are constantly making improvements to its core software, WordPress makes it easy for agencies to deliver great-looking, dynamic websites that please their customers and keep in-house resources from burning out. And the thing that’s music to client’s ears – on time, on deadline and on budget.

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of agencies today that haven’t made the WordPress leap. Here are a few reasons that should finally change.

Win with open source

Today, WordPress powers more than 35% of the Internet and even more impressive, when a CMS is used for a website, WordPress is used in the majority (60%) of situations. One reason for this high rate of adoption is that WordPress is open source, meaning its source code is released under a GPL license, which grants users the right to study, change, and distribute it as they see fit.

Right away, this represents significant cost savings for agency clients, especially when you consider the upfront costs associated with proprietary content management software.

Take advantage of the WordPress ecosystem

Once WordPress is up and running, you can also begin leveraging its robust community of open source developers, who provide regular updates, security patches, and other helpful forms of collaboration to the growing ranks of WordPress users.

That community is also renowned for its regular contributions to the growing list of plugins and themes that offer users endless ways to customize and add new features to their websites. This ability to continuously add functionality represents the polar opposite of the paid software pricing model, which can seriously diminish an agency’s bottom line. From the moment you install WordPress, you have full control over it, and the wide ecosystem of compatible themes, martech plugins, analytics plugins and many others at your fingerprints offer an almost limitless range of additional options.

Tap into WordPress’ rich ecosystem of developers

In addition to an active community of WordPress users, agencies can also easily find professional developer assistance for WordPress. Developers simply like to use WordPress, and there’s a greater number of developers with deep WordPress expertise all over the world than other CMS platforms.

All of this has created a highly respected and sought after WordPress developer ecosystem, filled with developers who know how to create incredible digital experiences with WordPress, either through their own custom code or through the wide list of plugins and themes that can be leveraged to extend WordPress’ functionality. Today, WordPress devs are expanding the CMS’ functionality even further, tackling things like headless architecture, mobile optimization, and other cutting edge solutions geared to meet the digital standards of a new generation.

Source: TechRadar